Five Tips That Will Turn You into a Successful Horse Racing Bettor

So, do you want to get better at betting on the horses? Maybe there is a big horse racing event around the corner, and you want to find out how to place an intelligent wager instead of just randomly slapping some money on a horse and hoping for the best. If this sounds like you then you are in luck as below, we are going to give you some great horse racing tips that can seriously improve your chances of winning when betting on horses. If you are a keen gambler and you want all of the latest gambling news, then we recommend that you pay a visit to

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Do Not Pay Much Attention to Tips at the Track

In the world of horse racing, especially if you are at the track, you will come across many people who claim that they are experts in the field of horse racing betting. They will claim to have inside knowledge of something that is a sure thing. However, here is a little spoiler for you, there is no such thing as sure thing unless someone is cheating. Do you think that such people would really be hanging out at a racetrack all day with us common people if they had inside knowledge on sure things? Of course, they would not, they would pay someone to do it for them while they sit in their mansion. So, if someone gives you tips while you are at a track, try not to get too hung up on them even if they do get the occasional winner.

The Experience of the Jockey is Important

Horse racing is a lot different to betting on greyhound racing for one main reason and that is that there is someone sitting on top of each horse. Many who are new to horse race betting like to concentrate solely on the horse, but this is a mistake as the jockey is just as important. Therefore, before you bet on a horse you should try and find out as much information as you can about the jockey that will be riding the horse. For example, you will want to find out whether they have been a successful jockey, what their form has been like recently, and whether they are in shape or not. Then, the next thing that you need to look at is whether they have any experience on the horse that they will be riding. If the jockey has not ridden that horse before, then there might be a few issues. Another thing that you need to look at is how the jockey has performed on the track. A jockey that has raced on a particular track lots of times will know it like the back of their hand – they will know the good parts of the track and the bits to avoid.

Not All Tracks Are Equal

If you are not a complete novice to the world of horse racing, then you will know that tracks are not created equally. Not only are races of varying lengths, but there are also different surfaces such as turf, dirt, and synthetic. Furthermore, you will also have different weather conditions at different locations that can have a very big say in how well a certain horse will do. In order to handle these different variables, you need to analyse how the horse that you want to bet on, and the jockey have fared in such conditions in the past. You will obviously not be able to accommodate for every factor, but you can try to account for the major ones such as surface, track length, weather, and track conditions.

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It Is Hard to Bet Against a Proven Owner

If there is one thing that you will learn when you have experience in the horse betting world it is that there are certain owners who just now how to get a job done. You might be sitting there wondering why we are talking about the owner when they do not participate in the race, but there is a reason for it. To start with, the owners decide just how much money they would like to invest in a horse. They select the food that they get, the lodgings they will stay in and the training that they will get. If you do not believe that the trainer makes much of a different, then you need to learn a bit more before you place another bet on a horse racing event. The trainer can have as much of an impact on the success of a horse as the jockey can.

There is No Need to Bet on Every Race

What can you do when you do not know which horse to bet on in a race? Should you just go with the favourite? Should you just place a bet on the two favourites? No, you should just not bet at all. If you want to be a successful horse racing bettor, you need to know when to just ignore a race all together. If you just randomly bet on a race, then the most likely scenario will be that you lose your money. There are hundreds of horse races on throughout the year all over the world, so if you sit one out it is not like you are going to have to wait ages before another one comes along.


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